About JCA Law

My name is Josef-Jake Camacho Aguilar. I am a general practice lawyer. I practiced law in the Philippines for six years before I migrated to Toronto, Ontario in 2012, where I have been recognized by the LSO. I continue to practice law related to family matters, real estate, estates, corporate, criminal law and immigration.

I like to imbue my practice with a touch of Filipino hospitality. I am committed to resolving your matter while making you feel welcome in my office, and providing a positive legal experience for you.

A Welcoming And Positive Atmosphere

Located in Toronto, Ontario, my team and I at JCA Law can appreciate that many clients do not interact with the law on a regular basis. Procedures, documents, and legal strategies may seem intimidating. Our team sees different types of cases every day, thus, we understand how complicated the legal system may seem, especially to newcomers to Canada.

Our goal is to help you break down each step of the legal process such as:

  • How the law applies to your matter
  • The options you have to pursue a beneficial outcome
  • Expectations and procedures for every stage of your matter

Once you retain our office, we will sit down with you initially and provide you with a simple explanation on what to expect in the process. We make sure you understand the process and we will guide you every step of the way.

An In-Depth Understanding Of Your Goals

The best legal strategy is one specifically suited to your intended goals. Some clients come into our office with one idea of how their case should proceed and the results they want to see. We try and remove the idea of "winning" or "losing" a case and focus instead on what results you truly want to achieve.

We do this by listening to everything that you say and also asking direct questions about certain points. Once we drill down on what outcomes will satisfy your needs, we start building your specific legal strategy from there.

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