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Canadian citizenship is automatically obtained by being born on Canadian soil or by having a parent that is a first-generation Canadian citizen. Canadian citizenship offers you particular privileges that are not granted to permanent residents, such as the right to vote during elections and the procurement of a Canadian passport.

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Based in Toronto, Ontario, we can also help you with visitor visa extensions, deportation order appeals, and express entry papers.

Is It Really Possible To Move To Canada? Absolutely Yes!

Canada is a country built by immigrants, and its socioeconomic spheres rely heavily on immigration. JCA Law will help you make the process simpler and lessen the burden you carry by assessing your situation and coming up with the best conclusion to help your move be easier and more manageable.


In sponsorship, a sponsor is a petitioner of an immigrant petition for a family member, be it a child, a spouse, or other relatives. A Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada who is at least at the age of majority (18 years old) is allowed to sponsor relatives to Canada.

The relatives will be allowed to live, study, and work in Canada if they become permanent residents.

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