Permanent Residency Applications

Permanent residency status allows you to live and work in Canada while remaining a citizen of another country. Some of the benefits include access to free healthcare, eligibility for specific social government benefit programs, and protection under Canadian laws and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

At my firm, JCA Law, my team is dedicated to helping you prepare and submit your application for permanent resident status. Based in Toronto, Ontario, we provide legal assistance for different types of permanent residency applications, including:

  • Skilled workers
  • Business owners
  • Family members
  • Humanitarian and compassionate cases

Positioning Your Application

In our experience, we have seen a number of cases were clients submit applications on their own and run into problems further into the process, or receive rejections. As Canadian immigration laws are very stringent, it's best to submit your application correctly the first time.

At JCA Law, we will meet with you in person, discuss your situation, background and the type of residency program you are applying for. Once we understand your goals, we will provide legal advice on how best to position your application, and how to address any challenges — such as previous alleged criminal behaviour — you may encounter.

We can also assist you with applying for Canadian citizenship in the future.

Working With JCA Law

We understand that the application procedure can be an emotional and frustrating process. We do our best to inform you of the different stages of the process, how long it takes, and what you can expect to happen at each stage.

Because we regularly assist clients with residency applications, we understand that newcomers to Canada may have a tighter budget for legal fees. We try to accommodate our clients finances' by offering different types of billing arrangements and payment plans.

Let's Start Working On Your Application Today

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