Skilled Worker Applications

Generally speaking, the main requirements to submit a skilled worker visa application include applying within an industry currently looking for skilled workers, and the receipt of a solid job offer.

At JCA Law, our team is dedicated to helping you breakdown the application process into steps and stages you can meet. Based in Toronto, Ontario, we can help you prepare your application and provide legal support for any challenges you may face.

Meeting The Legislative Requirements

In addition to the industry and job offer, we know that you have many questions regarding the process, including:

Our team is devoted to making sure you understand everything you need to know about the application process. This includes what you can do if you don't meet the requirements, or if your application receives a rejection or denial.

If your application is rejected, we will help you resolve the issues that were flagged, and can appeal the decision if necessary.

Cost-Effective Services

We understand that newcomers to Canada may find it difficult to factor legal fees into their budget. In order to assist your pending arrival into Canada, we offer lower fees and instalment payments.

We also make sure you receive the specific legal assistance that you need. We'll let you know what processes and tasks you may want to manage on your own, and if necessary, we'll provide legal advice only on items that are a bit more challenging.

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