Wills And Estates

Is drafting a will really necessary?

The answer is yes.

One of the more somber facets of handling one's assets is the drafting of their will.

Many people nowadays remain unaware that failing to draft and create their will can lead to the very real possibility that their own families would be left with no authority over their affairs. Sometimes, even small bank accounts and trivial personal possessions cannot be legally transferred to family members, and in those cases, the families would have to resort to apply for a court appointment of an estate trustee, which costs considerably more than if there was a will in place beforehand.

Are lawyers needed to draft wills?

Though civilian clients can prepare their own wills, it is still significantly better to acquire the services of a lawyer, especially one experienced in drafting wills and estate planning. This way, costly mistakes are more likely to be avoided.

How JCA Law Can Help You

We at JCA Law will be happy to properly guide and give you valuable advice in drafting your will. Our capable lawyers will ensure that your wishes regarding the administration of your assets and properties will be accurately and neatly laid out, so that you can have peace of mind that your family and loved ones will be well cared for when the time comes. We can also give in aid in availing of benefits they may not know they are entitled to; after all, we have helped some clients get as much as $10,000 in benefits they were not expecting to get.

Someone inexperienced and untrained in drafting wills is very likely to make errors that can lead to problems when they get filed in court and thus be rendered useless. Distribution of assets, for instance, can be postponed until the recipient reaches the age of majority, but this can be rendered ineffective without carefully worded clauses setting considerations for the issue.

Furthermore, since clients' personal circumstances are different from each other, only a systemic and thorough discussion with a lawyer can draw out information that will provide sufficient information to draft a will that precisely reflects the client's true intention. Some clients may remain oblivious to plenty of options open to them unless they enlist a lawyer's help.

The Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a legal document in which a person grants another—the "attorney"—the power to make decisions in their behalf in health-related or finance-related matters that may or may not be specifically defined in the document.

1.) The Power of Attorney for Personal Care or Living Will

The power of attorney for personal care deals with all aspects of a person's physical and mental care in case of disability. This covers an extremely wide range of situations in which decisions must be made, from simple things such as continuing on with the monitoring of a person's care in health facilities to something as crucial as ultimately deciding whether or not to authorize the withdrawal of one's life support.

2.) The Power of Attorney for Property

The power of attorney for property deals with all aspects of a person's financial concerns. This can be matters as simple as paying power bills and making deposits or as complicated as selling one's home and real estate property.

Choosing Your Power of Attorney

Married clients often choose their spouses as their powers of attorney for personal care. In case the spouse predeceases the client or is otherwise unable to act as attorney, an alternate shall be named in the document as well. This alternate role typically falls to an adult child or a trusted friend or associate.

In more complex cases, especially when dealing with a particularly large estate, a trust company, lawyer, or financial advisor may be named as power of attorney for property.

Other Legal Services We Offer:

Notarial Services – We provide notarial services for various legal documents. Come to our office at your convenience to have your documents notarized or we can make arrangements to fit your schedule.

Estate Planning – Estate Planning is the orderly transfer of your assets to your loved ones during your lifetime, upon your death or sometime after your death. It includes a living will, powers of attorney, trusts and life insurance. It can also include business agreements if you own a business. At JCA Law, we will provide professional guidance and legal assistance with your estate planning to help you achieve your objectives and minimize taxes.

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