The Purchase And Sale Of Real Estate Properties

Deciding to purchase or sell property might be one of the biggest decisions you may make in your life. There are large investments involved, so it's important to make sure the deal is secure, deadlines are met, title is clear and you resolve any issues that may arise quickly and efficiently.

My name is Josef-Jake Camacho Aguilar, and I am a general practice lawyer. At JCA Law, my team provides legal services to buyers and sellers throughout Toronto, Ontario regarding the purchase and sale of real property.

Careful Legal Assessments

No two pieces of property are ever the same. Each one comes with its own unique history and shape. This is why our team strives to make sure:

  • There are no liens
  • Undertakings are completed
  • The property complies with bylaws and property laws
  • There are no hidden surprises

We will coordinate with the other party, brokers and lawyers so you can focus on other matters. We will also help advise you on decisions regarding mortgage and financing concerns.

Alleviate The Stress Of The Sale

We understand how stressful the transactional process can be for individuals and families. Our goal is to help alleviate any anxiety by taking care of the details for you.

We want you to feel comfortable focusing on your other priorities, such as getting ready to move in or out, while we keep the transaction moving. We will take care of any issues that arise and strive to keep your sale on track to meet the closing deadline.

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