When it comes to legal requirements, documentations and handling legal matters, trust only the licensed professionals. It is also important that you are comfortable expressing yourself and your needs.

At JCA Law, I felt at ease with the traditional warmth, hospitality, sincerity, integrity and service oriented culture that Filipinos are known for worldwide.

Atty. Josef-Jake Camacho Aguilar, embodies the culture of his law firm. His personality, values, excellent communication, listening skills and a good rapport helped establish a good client-lawyer relationship and level of comfort.

I felt his commitment and dedication to provide quality and timely service to as many clients that they can help.

JCA Law is backed by a team of dedicated and experienced professionals with expertise in citizenship, immigration, family law, business law, taxation, real estate documentation, wills and powers of attorney.

It is a one-stop shop for all your legal needs.

Having a good law firm is an important part of creating a strong support system for you and your family. Having a family lawyer is a relationship that lasts a lifetime. They cover the personal, business and estate legalities of your interests. Their service is passed-on to your next generation (heirs) as they are the protectors and implementors of your will. That is why the level of trust, confidentiality, dependability, integrity and quality of service matters the most.

This law firm may be modest in demeanor but it definitely has a very big heart.

Choose well. Choose wisely. I choose JCA Law.

beverly vergel

-Beverly Vergel
Public Figure, Celebrity Mentor, Star Builder, International Coach, Producer, Writer, Filmmaker, Actor, Philanthropist

Thank you JCA Law office with Angie Magadia and attorney Jake I will gladly recommend your service to any of my friends or family:) Thank you again may God bless you!

-Ronnick Rayo
November 3, 2017

Very friendly accommodating Atty. Jake highly recommended to all who have concerns on with their family sponsorship citizenship. Thank you so much!

-Christiana Galat Fuerte
November 2, 2017

Friendly and Accommodating staff... it's such great pleasure working with Atty. Jake.

-Janeth Millano Cueva
June 2, 2017

Thanks for all your assistance with our real estate matters. Jake had been very nice and accommodating to us. More success to JCA Law in all your future endeavours. God bless!

-Ginkee Jane
February 19, 2016

Very friendly Office...

-Maria Victoria Spencer Smc
September 1, 2017

Thank you for your services with the start up in Alberta!

-Karen Ocanada Zumarraga
February 1, 2016

A very good Lawyer! We went for notarizing an invitation letter.

-Subbu Chintaluri
April 15, 2016

JCA Law Office are exceptionally great at what they do! They are the best Filipino-owned law firm in Canada. Thank you very much for your help especially in my real estate issues. More Power!

-Kathleen Rasing
a year ago