Why Choose JCA Law?

Full Legal Support

My firm offers a full range of legal services - we can provide you with support from initial consultation all the way to trial, if necessary. We are knowledgable with the different procedures involved in family, corporate, estates, real estate, criminal and immigration law. This allows us to outline clear and reasonable timelines for your matter.

A Free Consultation

For many people, getting a divorce, buying a home or a criminal offence is their first interaction with lawyers. We understand that you have many questions, the first of which is if you even need a lawyer.

At JCA Law, we offer a free 15-minute consultation with our firm. There are no bad questions - if you have a concern, we'll address it. We'll let you know when you need a lawyer, or if you only need a lawyer for certain aspects of your situation.

Professional Legal Services

Legal services are provided by licensed lawyers and qualified legal professionals at JCA Law. Everyone on my team are trained on the appropriate procedures for each practice area.

This means we are available to answer your questions regarding the status of your case, including any procedural elements, or what the next steps are to move your case forward. As a boutique firm, I am the lawyer that develops your case and my team of legal professionals are all committed to helping you achieve your goals as well.

A One-Stop-Shop

Avoid seeking advice from non-professionals. As a licensed lawyer, I, along with my team, am committed to protecting your privacy. We offer legal services and support across a range of practice areas. Some matters may intertwine on e or more areas of law. If a family law issue leads to a real estate issue, we have the experience on hand to provide assistance all under one roof.

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Find out more about how our legal services. Call 1-855-522-5290 for a free 15-minute consultation* or send us an email or message our firm on Facebook.

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